Tuesday, July 24, 2012


 Our Headbanger's theme this week is Sunrise/Sunset--your choice. Tom chose it. You will find the Headbangers all listed in my sidebar.

I expect that we will see some pretty spectacular sunrise and or sunset pictures in the Headbangers group--we've had some pretty nice ones lately here.

The wondrous thing about Sunrises and sunsets is that God gives you a new one of each every day. Some are glorious like some days are. Some are simple with a bit of a tinge of color and then it's gone till the morning for  a new sunrise. Sometimes the beauty of sunrise or the sunset is hidden by storm clouds.

Life is kind of like that.

 Right now we are watching the storm clouds of illness hide some of the beauties of our days. Some days are a burst of brilliance and others are a burst of despair. We are hanging in there, working and watching for the next glorious sunrise or sunset in this thing called life.

This is probably my favorite sunset picture, taken two years ago on the Olympic Peninsula at Kalaloch Beach when we went to participate in  Coastal Clean-Up day. I think I like it because it combines the wondrous with the ordinary--if the ordinary bond between man and dog can be called ordinary.


Christopher Frost said...

I'm not an early riser, so have very rarely seen a sunrise. Plenty of sunsets though. Just have to decide which one to put up as my header

katney said...

Another sunrise/sunset thought occurred to me this afternoon. When we visited Siberia mid-June to mid-July fourteen years ago we never saw sunrise or sunset---or dark. Both happened sometime between 2 and 4 a.m. We were asleep.

It can take some getting used to.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: You have shown some wonderful Sunrises. I tend to have more sunrises because of hitting the lake in the early morning. I love the one with the storm clouds lit in red.

katney said...

Tom, I have both sunrises and sunsets. The flight picture was on our way to the UK. The mountain is Mt. Rainier, seen from our valley and giving us some luscious sunsets. The glaciers were sunrise as we traveled into College Fjord in Alaska. The amazing clouds were on our way through Idaho and Oregon last fall. I took it either just before or just after we crossed the state line there.

The beach on the Pacific, of course, is a sunset.

Anonymous said...

I loved your beach walk Kathy at Sunrise. Its just what I would like to be doing at this moment in time. It looks very peaceful, a thought provoking time. I feel that life is so busy these days, that we don't take enough time out to enjoy these simple pleasures. Enjoy the peace and energy that these serene times can add to our lifes.

Liz said...

they are wonderful sunset/sunrise images.