Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Headbangers Theme--Doctors and Nurses

Chris (Gailsman) sent out the new theme with this note:

"The theme for next week is - 'doctors and nurses'. You should all have some fun with that one."

Sorry, Chris. Doesn't sound so fun here.

But wait, I think that maybe in this entire week there are actually no appointments.... Nope, wrong. Nephrologist on Friday.  Family doc last week. Finished with the gastro-enterologist for a bit. Ophthalmologist said no need for a further follow-up. Cardiologist on a quarterly (or is it half-yearly?) call-back. (Now consider: how may -ologists can one visit in one round of health issues?)  Oncologist-hemotologist  next week. She should have the details about the next steps in preparing for the two months with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance this summer for stem cell transplant.

And then there are the nurses--one reflected with the IV stand in the shiny floor of the infusion room at North Star Lodge, Yakima's cancer care center. There's Rhonda and Christine and Joyce whose kids I taught. And there's another Christine, and Sue and Julie and another Joyce and, oh, what is her name? and hers?

Then there's Laurie, the pharmacist who has been way beyond helpful. And Michael who is not a doctor or a nurse either, but teaches relaxation. And the volunteers who help with blankets, pillows, snacks, and anything one might need to be comfortable.

(And I am not even the patient, just support  for my husband who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma just about a year ago.)

Doctors and Nurses, and those others -- I honor and am grateful to them all.

But no, I wouldn't use the word fun.

Chris and the other headbangers are listed in my sidebar. Visit them for more upbeat interpretations of the theme. They will have their headers and posts about them up on Wednesday.


imac said...

I really like the photo Kathy, very clever and lots of thought to it.

Please except our thoughts and prayers for Ranny and yourself and hoping that all is going to plan.

Stewart and Julie.

Gailsman said...

I hope the treatment works and that your hubby shows signs of recovery

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: Sometimes subjects can cause concerns. I do hope goes well with your husbands cancer. Interesting take on the theme.

Liz said...

Stem cell? That sounds serious. Praying for you both, all.

katney said...

Liz, you are welcome to ask me Blogger questions directly if you wish. My problem is with people who track down my blog through my Blogger Forum profile so that they can use the comments to ask me for help. They don't even read the blog.But also, it is usually more efficient to ask at the forum because someone with an answer is more likely to see it. That may be me, but not always.