Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ABC Q is for...

Q is for...
Q can be hard.
Well, not as hard as X. I could go Q is for quilts but I have used that before
--even for a whole round of ABC Wednesday.
So now I face another Q and will not do quilts.
Q is for questions. 
Do you have any questions? 
Put them in the comments* and I will see if I have any answers.
If you have a four year old in your home, the question most asked is probably:

Some recent questions that I have been asked:
Having been given the information sheet with complete details of what children are to wear for First Communion. "Boys should wear dark pants and a white shirt, with or without tie."

I have been asked:
"What should my boy wear?"
"Can my boy wear khaki slacks?"
"Can I wear my tuxedo?" "Should I wear a suit?"

My answer to the last two questions is, "if you have one you can wear it. But don't go out and buy a suit, because the next time you will want to wear it will probably be for your wedding, and it won't fit."

*Blog questions:
My comment notice asks that commenters not ask Blog help questions in my comments. I have the privilege of being asked by Google to be a Blogger Top Contributor.  I answer blog help questions at the Blogger Help Forumwhen the question is about something I can help with. I don't answer them in my comments. That is an invasion of my blogspace, and is spam. I will mark such questions as spam.


Leslie: said...

Well, first of ARE you? I love this post and do remember your previous post about quilts. This is a good Q post and I'll have to think a bit on this...hmmm. Okay, did you know I'm going to England and Wales this summer and will meet up with Liz again? I first met her when she came to Vancouver a few years ago and we had lunch at Bridges on Granville Island. Okay, how did I do? lol

abcw team

katney said...

Great question. We're doing quite well, but will know better when hubby visits the oncologist next week. And yes, Leslie, I knew you were going and I knew that Liz had visited with you when she visited BC. I was soooooo jealous at the time. But then we got to visit with her in Wales two years ago. It was wonderful. So I know you will have a great time. And you get to meet George!!!

Roger Owen Green said...

OK, here's a question or three. Why are you on Blogger? What did you think of the changes recently, which drove some folks crazy? Have you ever considered WordPress or another platform?

Ann said...

I remember the days when my kids always asked "why" to everything. My grandkids do it to but it dosent bother me as much, maybe because I'm not stressed as I was then.

Gailsman said...

I remember reading this obscure quote somewhere - "Questions are a burden to others, the answers a prison for oneself".

ChrisJ said...

my now 45 year old son always had questions as a child. This one he asked at age three, stumped me: "Where do hills come from?"

katney said...

@ Roger,I first blogged on a setup from my local ISP. It was cumbersome and I couldn't even find my address it was so complicated. No fun at all. Blogger was so much easier. I eased into the new user interface gradually. I held on to the old as long as I could, being not the first by which the new is tried. But I am not the last to lay the old aside, either. And as a Blogger TC, I had to be ready to answer questions about it, so I had to explore. I haven't even thought of moving to another platform--well, except for when I moved to blogger. I accept it for what it is and don't try to make it something else.

@ Ann, Grandkid questions are generally much easier to handle. You can just say, go ask your Dad.

@ ChrisJ, I just don't know where to go with that one.

Liz said...

Righto, I shall go to blogger forum to ask my question!