Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Is he gorgeous or what?

Cascade Red Fox  
As beautiful as he is, he has a sad story. He is wearing a collar with a GPS as he is participating in a research study. Information about the study is here. The researchers are investigating the behavior of this rare species of fox around humans.

This guy was seen along side the road, and as three cars stopped in a convenient pull-out, he posed for the camera (this is a zoom shot.) The other two cars were observing quietly. No one was offering food, and he was not (yet) begging.

Then, he crossed the road and approached one of the cars. They were not falling for the begging act, just watching this beautiful creature. But he was obviously expecting a handout because of past experience.

When I showed them the picture on the camera, rangers asked me if anyone was feeding him. Not in this group. Apparently the previous day someone fed one of the foxes a whole box of cookies.

Now, I love cookies as much as the rest of us, and chips, and all that stuff. In moderation. Think about a few cookies and a few chips for someone our size. And think about a whole box of cookies for our friend here.

Keep wildlife wild!


Liz said...

Beautiful! With hard to resist eyes I bet.

eileeninmd said...

I do agree it is not good to feed the wildlife. Great post and the fox is beautiful! Happy New Year!