Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Between the X-s

An ABC Wednesday X and a Headbanger theme wrapped into one.
Let's start with the X. The crossed poles on the snowshoe route form the letter X. Well, sort of anyway. That's the best you will get out of me this week. ABC Wednesday has reached the letter X and it is always problematical.

Now for the Headbangers--you will find the members of the group listed on the sidebar. We choose a theme each week and set our headers to reflect that theme. This week it was my turn to choose, and I chose "Between" since we are between holidays. When I suggested it I had no idea what I would use.
In case you didn't notice, the tracks of the snowshoes go between the X-s. There is a reason. If you don't go BETWEEN the X-ed poles, you will fall into the creek. And so, my hubby follows  the tracks to approach the X-s.

A lovely day on the mountain--BETWEEN some days of less pleasant weather.


photowannabe said...

The crossed poles certainly work for me and I will definitely go between them.

Kathy said...


mrsnesbitt said...

Phew! Great concept there Katney!
Happy New Year to you and yours, thanks again for being part of the team.
Denise ABC Team

Roger Owen Green said...

one would not want to eXit into the creek, that's for sure. the Xs are Xwalk guides!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: That was a neat take on your between theme. My you have a lot of snow.

katney said...

This snow is at 5300 feet elevation at Paradise on Mt. Rainier. We have none in the valley. And even at Paradise it is below the average. They have not opened the sliding area because there is not enough snow yet to protect the meadow below from the fun. It is usually opened well before Christmas.

Dave Cawkwell said...

Xiting stuff. I'd certainly stay "between" those x's.

Jo Bryant said...

very clever take on X

kml said...

Very creative XX'S!

Happy New Year!

Liz said...

How beautiful it all looks, and Husband looks well too.

Wishing you both a blessed 2012.
Liz and George xxx

Gailsman said...

That looks a lot of snow. No wonder you need snowshoes. We are white free at the moment. Just windy and raining.

Andy said...

That sure looks like a lot of snow to me. We had a slight dusting yesterday...nothing really to talk about & it's all melted now.
Nice photos.
Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes for the New Year!

Xanadu: This Lush, Tropical Garden

Anonymous said...

you made your own x

ornamented joshua