Sunday, March 27, 2011

So, what's odd?

Well, first of all, I always like an odd angle on even the most mudane of subjects. But wait! There is actually a telephone directory at a pay phone? And almost odd these days--there is a pay phone.

Take a walk down memory road and watch an old detective show from the 70s. James Rockford from the Rockford Files, for example, is always popping into a phone booth and digging into his pocket for change.

Fast forward to the series Sherlock, (which we've only seen three episodes of on PBS here in the states--send more, send more!!) Sherlock Holmes set in current times. Sherlock is constantly texting his Watson.

What other odd shots are simply anachronisms? What other technology will go the way of the pay phone?


imac said...

How times have changed - the size of a Phone eh!

Lew said...

Odd indeed! You will not find pay phones around here except at airports. I have an odd letter for you.

postie said...

tried to leave a link to my odd shot but had trouble with it. hope you can get it fixed for me Katney