Sunday, March 13, 2011

Odd Shot Monday

I was tempted to go get something for my Gard, but I needed some pparel.

Last week the Linky did not work. I will give it another try. Please leave a comment with your link as the links from the Linky are not showing. I will find another Linky service for future posts or figure out what is wrong with this one.


Lew said...

Your sign is a few letters short of real words! My Odd Shot is up. I donot see your "linky", but I think it is because I am running an old browser (need to upgrade my PC!)

Beacon said...

I can understand shortening "garden" but "pparel", you'd think management would have noticed.

Paulie said...

I think someone has stolen a few letters. . . good catch!

I don't have an odd shot this week.

imac said...

Well spotted .