Saturday, July 18, 2009

PhotoHunt--Theme: Rocks

Rocks (and Flowers)

When I looked up the week's theme I immediately associated rocks with flowers. We were hiking last week (and are again now) at Mt. Rainier National Park. (What a surprise!) The number of wildflowers growing among the rocks on the mountain was amazing. All in all, I identified more than 40 different wildflowers, and while not all were in the rocks, quite a few were.
Like these Lewis Monkeyflowers growing among the rocks along the White River. The White River, BTW, gets its name because of rocks. The river is white because of the "glacial flour"--the residue of rocks ground up by the Emmons Glacier.
There are a number of varieties of Saxifrage growing in the park, including these Tolmie's Saxifrage (above) along the Burroughs Mountain Trail and the Cliff Paintbrush (below) from the same area. The Cliff Paintbrush varies from other paintbrush varieties with the pointy bracts among the colored ones.

The tiny flowers of the Alpine Willow-Herb are no more than a half inch in size. The tiny petals form a cross.
Slender Mountain Sandwort is another we found among the rocks on that mountain trail.

For more rocks--probably without so many flowers--check out the others choosing to participate in PhotoHunt this Saturday at TnChick's site. While you are there, offer your prayers and best wishes for her husband's quick recovery from recent surgery.


diXymiss said...

Amazing that such beautiful wildflowers can grow and flourish amongst the rocks. An eXcellent reminder to "bloom where you're planted" hmm?

Have a great trip!

imac said...

Wonderful to see wild flowers growing among the rocks. One of Natures Wonder.

Janie said...

A lot of wildflowers grow among the rocks around here, too. I'm always even more impressed with their beauty because they have to work harder to flourish.
Beautiful photos.

marta said...

Lovely flower photos. We were up there this week also. I'm glad you posted the photo of the Sandwort - that was the one flower we didn't id. We love the paintbrush up on Burroughs - especially the sun burnished follage.