Sunday, June 8, 2008


From my 5½ mile walk Saturday


CrazyCath said...

I just popped back before shutting down and going to sleep to say "Thanks" - for your comment. I needed that.

And this shot is a wonderful perspective. Love it. I'll check in tomorrow. I get home at 6pm my time (it's 12.30am my time now so... about 18 hours?)
Thanks Katney. You're a star.

Paulie said...

That is a neat shot -- kinda a math shot too! Is that a sprinkler system?

I sure hate those word verifications. . . do they really help stop spam? I have never used them. . . find moderating comments works well for me.

JC said...

Great shot! Love how you framed it!

lisa marie said...

Oh this is fun! Hey, I walked 4.5 on Saturday. :)

Love the wheel framing things.

Inland Empire Girl said...

This is a great shot. I took one on our walking field trip of an old hay rake, but my student is in the picture, so I passed on posting it.