Sunday, January 27, 2008

We have moved on from ice to snow.

Yesterday I scraped about 3/4 inch of ice off the windshield in order to drive. Today a broom was more useful than a scraper for the fluffy dry snow that had been falling since last evening.

The report said two to four inches. They must have been pretty big inches to reach the almost to the seven inch mark on my ruler. This was a couple of hours before it stopped this afternoon. There is supposed to be more coming.

Way to go, Jack!


Paulie said...

I am sooo jealous! Our promised snow hasn't shown up yet. I stayed up last night waiting for it. Had to take a nap this afternoon in case it comes tonight as now forecast. I hope they are correct this time as it is almost the end of winter. (I'm so glad I got to go to Mt. Rainier to see snow this year. . . )

I reckon you must be off snow shoeing and having fun in that snow. If I lived nearby, I would have come over and shoveled you out.

Jessica said...

yuck! I have to say your photos are great but I really hate snow and ice! I feel for you!

Nessa said...

Nice pictures. You could send some my way.

Paulie said...

Well, we finally got some snow that stayed on the ground for more than an hour. Have a few photos so far up and will put a few more on. We didn't get as much as surrounding areas tho.

They are saying more snow tonight or tomorrow so we will see.

Mr. Mapper said...

Looks COLD!!!!

david mcmahon said...

Love the shot of the ruler!!