Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Starting a New Blog

I've been visiting a couple of interesting blogs and have decided to start a new one myself. I started a blog a couple of years ago--it has a grand total of about ten entries. Rather than resurrect that one, I decided to start anew. I think that the difference will be that I can actually find this one, and maybe anyone who might actually be interested in my musings will, too. My plan is to actually post to this one.

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Paulie said...

BUT until your comment on my blog yesterday I didn't know where your blog was! I could have been enjoying it all summer. But what a nice surprise this morning when I woke up early! The only thing I didn't like is all these word verifications. I have had my blog about 18 months and I never had to use it. I do get my posts approved tho because I ahd a couple nasty comments by anon people when I first started.