Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A couple more photos

Quite a few folks were impressed with my deer photo, so I though I would add some more of the Mt. Rainier grandeur. This is Shadow Lake, with a bit of the mountain reflected in it. This is a hike we take several times a summer. I like to watch the dragonflies on the lake, but have never been able to capture them on film.

This is the view from the old campfire program amphitheater at Whiter River Campground with the mountain backlit by the setting sun. That amphitheater was washed away by the floods of November 2006. A new one is being built in a different location in the campground, but it will no longer have the mountain view. I've made an 8x10 print of this picture for the Rangers to share at their programs.

This one is the top of Mt. Rainier--a picture that I took from the plane when I flew to Phoenix four years ago. This is a view that is not often seen.

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Paulie said...

I have never been to Mt Ranier so it was a wonderful "trip" for me! Thanks for the view.