Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Where am I?

I know where I am at the moment, and knew where I planned to be, and planned to use something current for this week's header, but my kids have apparently taken over my life and changed my plans. I presume that before too long they will get tired of trying to support me and let me get on with life.

I have actually been away from home but have not pulled out the camera, so I checked to see what I might have in the files on the laptop. Most of my photo files are on an external hard drive that is not with me. It is odds and ends of files that are also resident on the laptop, usually uploaded to make sure I did not delete them before I uploaded to the drive at home.

So where am I in some of these photos:

First of all the one I will use as my header--unless I find something else I prefer. So where am I?




Where and when? #4




#1 is not in Venice. It is in Oakland, California.
#2 is at a Spring Training game in a Phoenix, Arizona suburb.
#3 is obvious--the Grand Canyon.
#4 was on Highway 123, the Eastside Road, Cayuse Pass in Washington in April of 2015. This April the road was not open.
#5 is Rimrock Lake, on White Pass (US 12) in the Cascade mountains of Washington (not that far from #4 but during a very calm May day.)
#6 are Scottish dancers, but dancing in Prosser, Washington at the annual Scottish Festival in 2015.
#7 is at Vacation Bible School last year.

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Neat post, you were nicer then me. I didn't tell you where I was.

Lew said...

You have been to some beautiful spots on this Earth. Delightful images!

Christine Soto said...

Lots of interesting places! I knew the gondola wasn't in a foreign land, but I couldn't guess where it was located.