Wednesday, January 13, 2016

We are Back--Favorites

Tom suggested we show some favorite photos to start off the year so I decided to go on a month by month review of last year. I had to chose one favorite for each month and that was not easy. I also was trying to choose a photo that I had not posted before, but I do not know if I succeeded in that.

 We got together with our son Jeff and his family and took a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island at the first of the year. Benjie signaled that this was very OK.

 A good clear shot of the moon took the spot for a February favorite.
 In March we popped over to Arizona to visit the girls there and their families. A good look down down into the Grand Canyon was a great shot.
 Coming home from a Quilt Retreat in April I found that you can't rely on the weather in the mountains in the spring. The roads were clear and dry on the trip to the coast a few days earlier.
 In May we went over the mountains again to visit OUR mountain. The water at Rimrock Lake was like a mirror.
 One of the highlights of the Scottish Festival in June was the dance competition. The guys in kilts throwing big heavy objects of one sort or another was also good.
 I always love seeing the cousins of all ages bonding over the chess board at Cousin Camp.
 Another Quilt Retreat--I had to leave early so this August picture was actually taken on the last day of July.
 Our friends Angelica and Martin renewed their marriage vows for their Silver Anniversary in September. They had a grand party. (I could have showed their grand Fourth of July party for July.) So glad to be considered part of the familia.
October's Trunk or Treat was moved indoors because of nasty weather (winds if I remember correctly.) We had planned for the car to be the Ark, but Mr. and Mrs. Noah brought the animals in two by two to pass out goodies.

We took no pictures at all in November as we began to adapt to our new reality because of medical issues. And the December pictures are still in the camera--I may add one from the Christmas pageant later.

What were the favorites my headbanger buddies chose for this week's posting and header? You will find their links at the top fo my sidebar.


imac said...

Grand show thought the year Kathy

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

What a neat show Kathy.

Lew said...

A delightful year of celebrations for you! Love the mountain photos!

Christine Soto said...

What a great way to look back on the year--in photos! Your header is beautiful, too.

Paulie said...

Looks like you have been busy having lots of fun the past year. I wish you the best for 2016, We finally got a little snow this winter which I posted with my new iPad --have more but haven't learned well enough how to post with my new iPad. ..One day I hope to blog regularly again. Hope you will stop by.

Liz Hinds said...

A lovely look through the year. Sending you and Ranney love and good wishes for a healthy year, even if that is learning how to deal with ill-health. x