Wednesday, November 25, 2015


This is Mt. Stewart, white covered with snow--the peak seen through a peek in the white fog as we traveled to Seattle at New Year's.  How white can you get? We had a dusting of white yesterday. What am I saying? We had delayed school openings and school closures around the Northwest because of it. Love the snow.

The cropped and sharpened image is my white header.

Wonder what the others will have posted. Do you suppose we might find more snow by following the links to their blogs in my sidebar?

We will celebrate Thanksgiving here quietly as we did not travel to Arizona this year and our son has been without power since last week's windstorm. Not sure if they are powered up yet. They may barbecue their turkey.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


We have all manner of having fun, as fun fun fun is the theme for our header challenge this week.

We've always had fun in the snow--though last winter there was not enough in our neck of the woods for snowshoeing, and our energy levels were not allowing much in that way of things.

The midway at the fair provides a lot of fun, here one sort of ferris wheel...
 ...but for big fun try the London Eye.
 Fiddling with your pictures is a lot of fun. I did not tell him what I was doing when I told him exactly where to stand.
 But it took several tries for my hubby or daughter to get my Chihuly hairdo just right.
 A long car ride leads to these cousins having fun at the rest area.
 I've chosen these kids having fun at Vacation Bible School for my header. The image fits just right with minimal editing.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Then and Now

My post has three then pictures from two different kinds of then, all related to my now picture, which is not now now but recent now.

Here is the now.

...taken this summer on one of our few camping trips. It was a wet one. We travel comfortably with our Little Guy Trailer. We are snug and dry in the "bedroom" and love to cook outdoors either under the trailer's hatch  or at the campsite firepit.
Now some thens about "trailer" travel and camping.
Conestoga wagons at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.

Inside the wagon at Emigrant Springs State Park (Oregon).

Far less comfortable I am sure. But it got them there.
And a "then" from our camping days before the Little Guy:
We did really have a tent, but sometimes crowding into the tent with several brothers, sisters, and/or cousins leaves one relishing the fresh air.
Join us each Wednesday. We would love to have another challenger or two.
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Historic District

My brother kept telling us about Bodie, California, a ghost town east of the Sierras. But I don't think he ever visited it. When we got the opportunity to go with friends Jules and Martha to see it, we jumped at it.

While going through the Bodie pictures to choose some good ones for the blogpost, though, I happened upon the picture I used on my header from the historic Longmire district of Mt. Rainier National Park. The historic headquarters building is reflected in the windows of a historic bus which took passengers to Paradise.

Back to Bodie, though. It was fun to wander through the derelict buildings and those that are restored as the state park. I don't have much time here before we have to leave the wifi, so I am just going to give the pictorial tour of the site, starting with the description of the history.

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