Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Then and Now

My post has three then pictures from two different kinds of then, all related to my now picture, which is not now now but recent now.

Here is the now.

...taken this summer on one of our few camping trips. It was a wet one. We travel comfortably with our Little Guy Trailer. We are snug and dry in the "bedroom" and love to cook outdoors either under the trailer's hatch  or at the campsite firepit.
Now some thens about "trailer" travel and camping.
Conestoga wagons at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.

Inside the wagon at Emigrant Springs State Park (Oregon).

Far less comfortable I am sure. But it got them there.
And a "then" from our camping days before the Little Guy:
We did really have a tent, but sometimes crowding into the tent with several brothers, sisters, and/or cousins leaves one relishing the fresh air.
Join us each Wednesday. We would love to have another challenger or two.
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imac said...

Confused says, thats a neat spin off to then and Now DFKathy, bet the wind was howling thru that tent lol.

Lew said...

Nicely done! And the "now" version of a lot of things is better than the "then" days!

Christine Soto said...

Very nice, Kathy! Our family never got into camping, though we've done it a time or two. Times have certainly changed, too, as far as travel and camping are concerened!!