Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Getting Ready for Christmas

Advent Wreath?  check

Lights?  check

Tree? check

Wishlist?  check

Cards? check

Giving Tree? check

Christmas Pageant?  oh, dear!

First practice for this year's Christmas Pageant is Friday afternoon. We will see how many shepherds and angels there will be this year.

I combined two pictures from last year to make the header.

See how the other headbanger members are getting ready for Christmas--their links are on my sidebar.


Lew said...

Pensively awaiting their place on stage! Great job of merging the photos - at first glance, I thought the boy in the middle was holding a white staff.

imac said...

Lovely to see children faces when awaiting to go on stage, very pensive and thoughtful. Great Capture Kathy.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Love the star, she really enjoys her job.

Christine Soto said...

So cute! That girl on the left looks like she's about to cry, poor thing!!