Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Mac gave us the theme of "Texture" for this week. I should post some quilting as my texture since I am at a quilting retreat, but I gathered some textured images from some National Park trips during the last year. Of course you will see MY mountain.

But first, the textures left by the forces of nature on the rocky surfaces
 of Capital Reef National Park in Utah.

 And what water and wind have done to create the fins and hoodoos of Bryce Canyon (Utah).

Still in the Southwest, the manmade texture of a watchtower at the Grand Canyon. (Arizona)

Now let me come back home to Mt. Rainier National Park (our home park).
The texture of the stonework of the entry arch at Chinook Pass contrasts with the textures of the evergreens and the wildflowers.
 No, these are not trees. Moss -- close up.
 This log we found in the Nisqually riverbed is part of a footbridge. The work was done by hand.
Mount Rainier's glaciers provide the most interesting textures as wind, melting, freezing, shifting of their surfaces create some interesting images zoomed in.

Natural textures.
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And now to get busy quilting.


Lew said...

Nature has provided us with some beautiful textures; and you have some super images of them!

imac said...

Lovely Textured pics Kathy, most interesting scenes you've captured.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: You caught some neat textures.

Christine Soto said...

I don't know that I was ready to see snow in July, lol! But the photos are beautiful, that's for sure. Your moss image was cool; it fooled me at first!