Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Trillium, I believe, spent, gone to the pod, and there its shadow.

When I go to the Anaheim Convention Center each spring, I always take a picture of the palm trees from the upper floor balconies. Why, I wonder. Don't I already have four or five sets of pictures of this scene? I like the shadows in this one.

We visit our daughters in Arizona once or twice a year. There are always interesting hikes and interesting flora and fauna. And, in this case, interesting spikey shadows.

Our older daughter in Arizona had several vacant lots in her housing development. The housing situation has settled and now there are houses on all of those lots. I was surprised by these shadows across the street.

But for my Shadow header, the frog in Shadow Lake (what a coincidence) throws not only his own shadow but the shadows of the rings in the water.

The other headbangers are linked in my sidebar. I am tired. I did a dinner honoring our volunteers this evening. Though it was a simple meal, any time you serve fifty or sixty people it is exhausting. And we must be up for an early doctor appointment tomorrow.  I am glad I remembered the header challenge for this week.


imac said...

Grand selection of shadows Kathy. Neat header with your frog and love the tree shadows.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Love your choices Kathy.

Lew said...

Great shadow shot of the frog!And the palm shadows look like giant spiders.

Christine said...

Great collection of shadows. That frog shadow is neat; normally I'd shoot the frog and not notice the shadow until I edit, lol. Love the trillium shadow and the palm tree shadows. You have a good photography eye!