Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Header Challenge--Birds

If I stroll back through my photo archives I am sure I can find a goodly number of bird photos.

There are the Camp Robbers at Mt. Rainier (actually Gray Jays and Clark's Nuthatchers) who will beg and steal any food you leave unattended even for a second (as the strip of bacon when I turned to the stove to cook the eggs)

or even if you don't.

Here are some other birds of some note.

Great Blue Heron

Chaffinch--taken in Scotland

Some more large birds--the Sandhill Cranes

We spent a couple of days with the kids at the lake this week, and the birds we spent time with were the ducks.

But on the way at a rest stop this sign made me laugh.

I laughed because it reminded me of these gulls when we camped at Sun Lakes a couple of years ago.

 They were quite determined.

  A collage suggested itself for the header image.
I am sure that my header colleagues found some great birds for their entries this week. You can find their posts through the links in my sidebar. The theme was suggested by Craver VII.


imac said...

Lovely collection of Birds Kathy.
Neat Header, do not feed seagulls, you don't have to feed them, they pinch it out of your hands,lol.
Love the 1st post pic, near the pocket.

Craver Vii said...

My, but those seagulls are pesky! I like that shot of the Chaffinch!

Lew said...

They are quite capable of fixing their own lunch from your groceries! Love the header.

Christine said...

These are perfect, Kathy! I really love your header. The perfect shot. :)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Fun post Kathy.