Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Almost Perfect

Christine suggested that Almost Perfect could be a shot that would be perfect except for maybe a photobomb or a slight fuzziness.

Now being totally perfect....

Really, it was hard to figure out what to post and I could continue to search if I had time.

I have quite a few like this of Sasha swinging. But they as a picture are nowhere close to perfect.

I thought about using a picture of Spencer, my brother's almost perfect dog. What makes Spencer only "almost" perfect? Well, I think he will be perfect once he goes to Obedience School. Now he's a bit rowdy.

Then there is this almost perfect sunset.
What's not perfect about it, do you say? Well, I remember it was windy, cold, we were hungry, and there was a very long wait at all the restaurants within walking distance.

I will settle for this quail. The quail is perfect, but the picture? I cut off his tail.
At least I didn't cut off his head.

See what the other headbangers have found that is almost perfect. There are links to their blogs in my sidebar.


katney said...

Oops! I cut off his feet, too.

imac said...

Great show Kathy, Its harder than one thinks init - this theme, I have loads, what to chose????

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: I'm sorry, I love the photo and wish I had taken it. I think it is perfect.

Craver Vii said...

Very good, Kat! Usually, I am very patient, but sometimes I would rather go someplace else, rather than wait for a seat at a restaurant.

Christine said...

These are great, Kathy! I hardly noticed the lack of complete tail, but had it been my picture I certainly would have. I've never shot a quail before (either camera or shotgun!). Nice!

Lew said...

Don't we all have too many shots like the tailless quail? I tend to miss the extraneous stuff in the background that makes the image less than perfect.

Liz Hinds said...

It still looks like a pretty good photo of the quail to me!
Aw, Spencer is gorgeous!