Tuesday, March 26, 2013

There's a poem for that!

So Mac set us the theme of photo + verse (poem of not less than four lines).

I am glad that I prepared my image ahead while my internet was down and I couldn't surf. Putting it together now would involvle not only my normally bumbling fingers, but this:

So what can I say?
Just don't use the guillotine
To make confetti in a hurry on a busy day.

(Paper cutter really by the way.}

ER was quiet.
Stitches were quick.
Back to business before the night's over.

(Well, sort of.)

Well, back to the header photo and forgive any typos, just imagine typing with that thing on your thumb. We went for a Sunday drive a couple of weeks ago (when I was looking for folds in the hills.) The Horse Heaven Hills are an area to the south of us. Even Wikipedia knows of them:

James Gordon Kinney, an early pioneer, is credited with officially naming the Horse Heaven Hills in 1881. He first came to the region in 1857. Impressed by the knee-high grass that fed the large bands of feral horses that roamed, he remarked "the area offers excellent forage and comparative isolation... This is surely a horse heaven!"

No more feral horses nor knee high grass, the land is farmed mostly in wheat. Farms are big, as wheat farms always are, and the distances between neighbors are long. In creating a double haiku  to go with the picture, I thought about the possible difference in attitude between a farmer and his wife--particularly in earlier days when social contact was not just a click away.

Let's see what poetic mischief the others have got up to this Wednesday from the links in my sidebar.


imac said...

Wow stitches too, hope your thumb heals soon my friend.
Neat pic n poem too.
Like the farmers side also.

Lew said...

That is wide open spaces and isolation, even with autos! Hope your thumb is soon back in action - it's a pain to do most everything when its bandaged like that. Great verse for both images!

Craver Vii said...

I'm drooling at that expansive view. I'll be they get a fantastic view of the stars at night!

Sorry to hear about the thumb-slicer... I mean paper-cutter incident. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Liz said...

We were talking today about horses and how much exercise they need in a day. I suppose they wouldn't have had to go far in horse heaven to eat.