Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Headbangers' Theme Straight and curved lines in a Church

Stewart knew I would have something saved up for his Headbanger's Theme of Straight and Curved Lines within a Church or House as we had spent a lovely afternoon exploring Lincoln Cathedral together a couple of years ago. He probably thought I sould use something like this:

or a Lincoln Cathedral view looking out through the portico:
or maybe the vaulted Gothic ceilings.
He might have thought that I would use something from other churches from that trip, such as this simple scene from St. Margaret's Chapel at Edinburgh Castle,
or this shot of the  dome of St. Paul's in London.
 And knowing that we had traveled to other more distant lands as well, he might not have been surprised if I had chosen the simple altar at one of the convents of Mother Teresa's sisters in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India,
or a window shot of some of the Kremlin's onion shaped domes (there are five churches on the grounds of the Kremlin, so this was taken from inside one of the outside of another.)
I stayed home for my Straight and Curved lines within a Church to take this shot of the Advent Wreath in our local parish church.
See where the other headbangers found their straight and curved lines from the links on my sidebar.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: Lovely capture in your church, I love your cathedral photos.

Craver Vii said...

Brilliant! You've outdone yourself, Kat.

imac said...

Real neat shot Kathy, also love the Church shots too.

Lew said...

Great take on the theme and season! I love the simplicity of the arrangement of greenery and candles. And wonderful shots of Lincoln Cathedral.

Kathaleeny said...

you have one of the most interesting blogs of anyone I know "our" age. And of any age as I think about it. I will be back to explore. I'm knee deep in unruly geese at the moment.