Friday, December 24, 2010

What if Mary didn't show up?

Mary didn't show up for practice. The children proceeded without her. The stars and angels knew where they were supposed to stand. The shepherds (one of them was missing, too.) got their entrance right on. Joseph held the baby. Someone was assigned to call Mary and tell her when shee needed to be there to dress for the final presentation.

Children's Christmas pageants -- what a delight!.

Mary was in place next to Joseph this evening--right where whe belonged.

But Christmas pageants bring up questions.

What if Mary didn't show up--you know--back there when the angel interrupted her day with his announcement --what if, when the angel said "Do not be afraid..." well, you know what always happens when an angel says that don't you? It's never anything easy. What if she gave the those days equivalent of "You gotta be kidding!"

Other Christmas pageant questions:

What is a shepherd? Is it a disciple?

Hmm, that's a good one to ponder, too.

Maybe the shepherds were the first disciples. They were the first to hear the news.

Others less pondersome--

Where's my halo?

Where do I sit?

When do we come back?

And the king who kept picking up his gift when they "went home by another way".

But still, think about it--what if Mary didn't show up? Are you showing up?


Paulie said...

The baby would still have been born. . . it was God';s plan! The shepherds, the Kings, etc happened because Mary did show up. . . That's why I show up. . .

katney said...

Right on, Paulie!

Merry Christmas.

imac said...

Mary still would have had the baby, where ever she was,surly?.lol

Liz said...

Considering what could have happened if ... is always fascinating. there was a brilliant version of the Christmas story on the BBC this year. It was called The Nativity if you can find it.